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PowerPoint Slide Creator

This little software will help you create slides for your worship and other activities. Please follow the installation instructions carefully. I have only tested this macro with PowerPoint 2003.

Installation procedure
Before you install this PPA, you need to reduce the security level of your PowerPoint.

This can be done by clicking Tools -> Macro -> Security. Reduce the level to medium. That way PowerPoint will still warn you if any macro runs without your knowledge.

In PowerPoint click Tools > Add-ins.

Click the "Add New" button and browse for the (".ppa") file.  PowerPoint may ask you if you want to enable macros. Please click Enable Macros.

It will then be added to the list in alphabetical order.  

Make sure that the check box is ticked and then press "Close".  

You will now see a new toolbar with a  small piggy icon. In case the toolbar isn’t visible you need to right click on the toolbar area look for Create Slides Toolbar

To work with the file simply click on the little piggy icon :).


Help to use

Contact amit *at* jayakaran.com in case of problems.

Remember: If you open an add-in through the (File > Open) dialog box, the add-in is loaded but is not properly installed. The add-in will not be available the next time you
open PowerPoint.  


Please note that you use this software at your own risk. There are no viruses embedded in it but you are welcome to check it using any virus scanner.